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Photo gallery


Photo gallery

Photos by: W. Bendkowska, S. Bogović, E.K. Ceven, A. Dorogan, A. Hursa, M. Kert, E. Koštakova, S. Kukle, E. Maklewska, R. Milasius, A. Ojstršek, I. Petrunić, D. Priberga, T. Rolich, N. Starszakowna, Y. Sun, A. Taylor, D. Večaj, D. Vujević, E. Vujasinović, A. Zampetakis

If you have some photos of your own that you could forward by e-mail and that could be included in the photo gallery of the 2nd ITC&DC 2004, please send it to us.
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 Conference dinner
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October 4th
October 5th
  Social program

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