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Photo gallery


Photo gallery

Photo by: S. Bischof Vukušić, D. Došen Šver, B. Goswami, A. Hursa, B. Katalinić, N. Krmpotić, M. Pavlović, T. Rolich, Sandra C. Sampaio, H. Shosenji, N. Starszakowna, A. Taylor, E. Vujasinović, A. Zabetakis, K. Jansen, S. Samapio, E. Pezelj.

If you have some photos of your own that you could forward by e-mail or regular mail and that could be included in the photo gallery of the ITC&DC 2002, please send it to the Team.
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 Scientific Committee
 Welcome party
 Opening ceremony
Presentations & posters
Octobar 7th, Monday
Octobar 8th, Tuesday
 Closing ceremony
 Conference dinner
  Social programme Concert & Fish picnic
Fish picnic
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