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Committee of Conference


Dear Colleagues,

We would like to cordially invite you to participate at the 2nd International Textile Clothing & Design Conference (ITC&DC 2004), taking place in Dubrovnik, Croatia from October 3rd to 6th 2004.

ITC&DC is organized by the Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb, hoping to transform our decades of experience in university education and scientific research in the field of textile and garment technologies, fashion design and marketing, into a successful conference.

Basic idea of the Conference is to organize an international forum to present and exchange knowledge, experience, results and information related to scientific, technological and practical aspects of textile, clothing, design, advanced technologies and marketing.

The Conference is planned to deal within the following research fields:

● A - textile fibres and advanced materials
● B - manufacture and properties of yarns, fabrics and nonwovens
● C - processes and technologies of textile finishing and care
● D - clothing technologies and engineering
● E - analysis, testing and quality control
● F - design and marketing of textile and clothing
● G - environment protection and ecology
● H - automation and energy management

Scientists, engineers and students who are in any way involved in the magic world of textiles are invited to present their work at this international conference.

Organization Committee 
of the ITC&DC 2004